Victims of Illegal Aliens


Victims of Illegal Aliens — 10 Comments

  1. Well, first of all my friend!
    with out us u wouldn’t be where u are now. we work hard and make the life u wish u tried to have. why do u think the economy is so low? Just because one mexican does bad things doesnt make us all the same. I THOUGHT THIS COUNTRY WAS THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE JUSTICE…. WHY HAVE WE THE PEOPLE WHEN WITH OUT US UR JUST WE THE WHITE PEOPLE.

    What’s wrong with mexi cans staying in mexico?

  2. Let me introduce you to a little history my friend. Us Mexicans have lived in America far longer than any of you have. When you say Mexicans go home, you mean Mexicans welcome home. if you think that we’re the reason for Americas problems, well think again. You base your opinion on stereotypes, but the truth is that problems are caused by people of all colors; whether they be white, black, brown, yellow, red, or orange. Its a shame that you would actually post a website such as this one, i thought we were passed the racism stage in America but we clearly aren’t.

  3. Amazing how completely stupid liberals are. We are a soveriegn country and we have laws! We are being invaded idiots, wake up.

  4. Racism, A horrible thing.
    My friend, The whites have commited WORSE crimes than we have. Yes I am a Mexican American. Mexican’s do the dirty work because we make our money. Yes some of our teens are Hard asses, atleast they arn’t partying with cocain and ecstacy like the whites. We do do drugs, but Thats the mellowest one ‘Marijuana. We sell drugs, But Who buys them? whites! Im not racist, because EVERY race has teens who make them look bad. You never see Mexicans in the street asking for money, WE OFFER JOBS. We have the sweetest women who clean up after everyone who WASH dishes. We dont use ‘DISHWASHERS’ Thats So Unsanitary! End to racsism! Now why dont you take a look to were your’e feet are planted that U.S soil that makes you take shit for granted if not for Santa Ana just to let you know THAT WERE YOUR FEET ARE WOULD BE MEXICO! Reynosa , Taumaulipas-Houston, Texas!

    Remember, it only took us 17 min. to whip Santa Ana’s ass.

  5. bitch without us MEXICANOS u wouldnt have nothing to put in ur fukin mouth! And learn the puto history pendejo, we couldve deported all the americans but no we let them in so they cud have a live. and stop being a fukin racist cuz u just a lowlife homie, de vida baja.

  6. First of all this is a harsh website , i myself am a mexican but i was born here in california , to make a website racist about mexicans makes me mad because my husband who is also mexican is deployed right now serving our country so u can have freedom of speech and living ,people like you shouldnt be able to have freedom, every race commits crimes and all of us are immigrants. My point , Before you make a racist website you need to remember that Mexicans, Whites and Blacks no matter what race are out their fighting for OUR country and just because of our race we should not be judged in any kind of way

  7. mexicans go home. we dont want the US to look like mexico. take a look on google street view of that crap hole. bunch of no rules animals! And its not your country, you lost in a war you bunch of tan midgets!

  8. I am on of many mexicans that have given thier lives for the US.

    So you are a dead mexican

    One of the reason you have freedom of speech is cause our military is made up of so many racial backgrounds and they all give thir lives to keep you safe. I have more to say but I have to go on a night patrol through the Aafghan mountains. So I know you will sleep good tonight cause my beaner ass is on point. Airborne bitch.

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