What Hillary and Obama DIDN’T Say

What Hillary and Obama DIDN’T Say
Hillary and Obama are two sides of the same corporate coin. Hillary and Obama are looking out for their corporate masters and illegal aliens before they even THINK about you, the average American. Hillary and Obama both played to their audience in Texas: the illegal alien lobby and Texas “FOR-PROFIT” healthcare corporations.

Here’s what Hillary and Obama failed to even mention or discuss about illegal immigration:

Neither candidate said word one about the negative impact four million illegal aliens pouring across our border has had on our economy and the American middle class. Hillary and Obama didn’t say a word about the Trans-Texas Corridor Highway being built without a vote or approval of Texans. The I-69 Trans Texas Corridor would run from Mexico to Texarkana – a three football fields wide super toll road ferreting illegal aliens, cocaine, heroin and cheap products into America.

Hillary and Obama are more concerned about protecting illegal aliens than protecting American citizens from illegal alien invasion destroying and lowering American middle class wages and jobs. In fact, Obama and Hillary both claim America must repair and fix the Mexican economy before Americans can fix our economy. Since when? You are witnessing shameless bi-partisan pandering to the illegal alien lobby.

It’s as if Hillary nor Obama didn’t know about the devastating impact the flow of illegal aliens has on our communities, schools, hospitals and social services. It’s as if Hillary and Obama didn’t know that over 75% of the babies born in Dallas’ Parkland Hospital is born to illegal aliens. It’s as if Americans’ needs take a back seat to accommodating and rewarding illegal aliens.

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