What you need to know about the 2008’ elections


What you need to know about the 2008’ elections
Carolyn Hileman

The first and most important thing you need to know is under no circumstances vote for John McCain, if by pure happenstance that man gets elected he will use that to say he has a mandate for his comprehensive amnesty plan and the media will herald it as the next best thing to the coming of Christ. We simply cannot forget that this man called his own people racists and nativists that he put his political future on the line in order to give 12 – 20 million illegal immigrants amnesty, he is not fit to be in the senate and he is not fit to run our country.

The other thing you need to know is that there are other elections going on as well and if you are sick of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi the simplest easiest way to get those two to shut up is vote republican. I know even the word republican sounds repulsive after what we went through with the amnesty bills but we have seen what a democrat majority will do and if that does not scare you I really do not know what will. Harry and Nancy need to fall from power in November and you are the ones who can make that happen. If your senator or congressman is a RINO then vote for the lesser of two evils I am sorry to have to say that but we simply cannot take another two years of those two at the helm.

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