What’s worse, the blacks or these filthy Mexicans.

These days you drive down Staples Mill Road and there are all these Spanish stores. What the fuck is that about? This is America, not some sewer of a neighborhood in Tijuana. This is no country to be selling Goya products in. We don’t want that filthy shit here.

And we let these disgusting people work in our restaurants. That should be an automatic health violation. Have you ever seen a kitchen in Mexico? There’s no hand washing, no proper cleaning of dishes or food. Theirs is a culture that treats hygiene as a sin, and now we let them wash our dishes and cook our food? This is a people that would eat rotten meat off a dirt floor and you trust them to serve you clean, properly prepared food?

And what about letting them work construction? You think the wetbacks know the first thing about proper building codes? Go to Mexico and see the disgusting shacks those people are proud to call home. They sit their with the fucked-up teeth with the nasty gold caps and proudly beam in their cardboard box of a house. A white five year old could build something safer and sturdier with a staple gun and construction paper. But we let this low-life slime come here and build our homes? God only knows what they are using or how they are doing it.

And every one of them is a criminal. Almost none of them are here legally. They jump the fence down at the border like Pedro the Mexican Jumping Bean. How about following the rules, Chico? Apply for work papers like everyone else and wait your fucking turn. If they will break the law to come here, how hard is it to imagine that they will break the law while they stay here? These dirty beaners will steal your hubcaps in a heartbeat and sell your sister to some donkey show in Tijuana.

Used to be a time when the Mexicans came here, and we killed the sons of bitches at places like San Jacinto. Now they come here and the whining liberals say they are not criminals, and that they are “undocumented” or some such bullshit. Undocumented? What the fuck is that about? It’s not like they lost their papers or passport, you assholes. They don’t have documents because they refused to follow the procedure to get them. That makes them criminals, not undocumented. THEY BROKE THE FUCKING LAW YOU LEFTIST HIPPIE FUCKS! I don’t get to choose which laws I feel like following or not following. So why is it OK if for every spic in Juarez to decide to break our laws and then the liberals think we should applaud them for it?

And when they come here, they live worse than the niggers. 20 of them packed into a two-bedroom apartment like the cockroaches they attract. Low-riders up on blocks in the front yard. They live even worse than the trailer park trash whites. That bullshit mariachi music blaring at all hours of the night. That shit is worse than rap and just listening to it makes them even dumber than they were. Wild animals live more cleanly and more civilized than these low life beaners. In fact, who knows how many goats and chickens they have living in the house with them? Probably doesn’t matter since they are all animals just like the Mexicans.

The worst thing? These disgusting shitbags say WE don’t respect THEIR culture. You call that caveman-quality lifestyle a culture, you filthy pigs? You like your low-rent prehistoric culture? Fine. Have all of it you want in Guadalajara, you wetback scum. There is all kinds of that shambles of a culture on YOUR side of the fucking border. If your culture is so wonderful–where you eat what looks like dogshit wrapped in a tortilla and call it a burrito–then you should remain in Mexico, Paco. But no. You come here. Why? Because America is better than shithole Mexico, right Pancho? We have more money, better schools, clean water and modern food because of the superiority of the AMERICAN way and the AMERICAN culture. So take your La Raza loving ass and that joke you call a culture and shove it up your collective unwiped asses. If you want to be in MY country than act like you belong in MY country. And that starts with learning English, instead of speaking that Spanish “taco-burrito” bullshit language. You want to be in America, you speak English. Mexicans should be deported for the first “si, senor” that comes out of their low-life mouths when they come to this country.

If I have the misfortune of ever going to Mexico, I will act like I am in YOUR country. I will shit in the streets so it flows into the water supply and eat crap that Americans would not feed to farm animals. But do not give me any shit about you need to preserve your inconsequential failure of a culture. If your culture was so fucking successful you wouldn’t be here and I would not be typing this. But its not. It is the lowest form of culture. Niggers with plates in their mouths and bones in their noses in Africa have a more advanced culture than than you filthy Mexicans. Mexico barely qualifies as a functioning civilization. Mexicans may well be the evolutionary missing link. I’m not even sure they qualify as human.

You people have a big country down there, Frito Bandito. Do us all a favor. Stay there. You can continue to fuck it up and shit in the streets for the next 500 years for all I care. But do not come here and ruin my country with your animal behavior, Cholo. This is one gringo who will not stand for it. It is time for this country to defend its borders and keep every Juan, Jose, Julio, and Ramon where they belong. In that swill pit shithole of a zoo called Mexico. And keep them away from civilized, white, Christian, God-fearing Americans.

Fucking mud people. You all make me sick. God bless the United States of America and keep the filthy Mexicans out.


What’s worse, the blacks or these filthy Mexicans. — 315 Comments

  1. Ignorant dumb fucks. In MY opinion American, Hispanics, and Blacks have different people. They ALL half dirty, rude, ignorant people. On the other hand, there’s some clean, professional, and smart Americans, Hispanics, and Blacks. I’m not racist to ANY race, unlike some of you guys.
    Hispanics- http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_American
    Blacks- http://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h3736.html
    Americans- http://www.importantamericans.com/
    I CAN back up my facts. Just because ONE Hispanic, American, Black is fithly, rude, ignorant doesn’t mean all of their people are the same. Think before you speak.


    Illegal aliens sexually assault eight American children on a daily basis.

    For the people who didn’t make it past the second grade, “Elizabeth” I did the math for you.

    8 daily.
    56 a week.
    240 a month.
    2,920 a year.

    2,920 American children are SEXUALLY ASSAULTED every year by illegal aliens.

    There are 240,000 illegal alien sex offenders in America. Most all have 4 convictions of various sex crimes with children.

    Source – http://mobile.wnd.com/2006/11/39031/

    Keep on defending these rats. You’ll regret it later….



    • PACO,

      • Perfect Americans my ass. My people come here to work and to do all the jobs your ass is too lazy to do. Also take a look around at your own people before you criticize ours. You also have rapists, robbers, murders, and a lot of goddamn perverted people. Not to mention your “culture”, I mean really? Common guys put some zest into it! And also sorry to burst your bubble but a lot of us were born here. This IS our country, and it’s going to take more than a stuck up racist to get us out. Sorry “bud” (; By the way, this isn’t your country either dumbass. Go read a history book.

        • It’s not that they’re lazy, it’s that Mexicans are brought her for cheap labor…in other words, white folks aren’t stupid enough to do jobs that are going to pay them less when in reality it should be more. Mexicans are brought here to be overworked and get paid cheap. Whites have lots of culture and history, trust me, judging their race only because you have been brainwashed to do so, you really believe all those anti-white crap don’t you? You are still 100% Mexican with an American nationality. “RACIST” absolutely love this word lol I’ll tell you why! Will you allow a bunch of strangers into your home? If not, you’re racist! You can fight this all you want but the fact of the matter remains, we are all different just like animals. Birds for example, all of them birds, but from different species. It is their country, if it hadn’t been for the white Europeans, America woul NOT be what it is today furthermore, many of the things you use on a daily basis and possibly take for granted was created by whites in fact…houses, plumbing, a.c., internet, electricity etc. are whits inventions. History book? Really? I hope you realize that “history” the one you learned from a jew owned system wrote all those lies you call history lol you are so full of anti-white propaganda from jew owned media, hollywood, education system and so on…I suggest you read on the truth, not that bullshit you see on tv.

        • Actually it is our country. The so-called ‘Native Americans’ came from Asia, across the Bering Strait land bridge several thousand years ago so they’re not indigenous either. The Mexican people that are here today aren’t from that tribe either so you have zero claim to anything north of the U.S/Mexican border. In fact, the Apache and other tribes hated Mexicans and were completely distrustful of them.

          The truth is, White Men create stable and prosperous nations that non-whites want to benefit from. We create the highest standard of living in the world which is why you mexicans come here. Mexico should be ashamed, what other country in the world sends tens of millions of their people to another country so that their citizens can help take care of them? Mexico was, is and always will be a shit-hole. Now if all the brown people there were to relocate to Central or South America, White men could make it a desirable and successful nation.

    • you Mexicans have shown what kind of people you are by coming in to this country illegly I don’t give a shit what your reason for coming here the law is the law if you cannot respect that then we don’t wont your sorry asses here if we break your trumped up laws we go to jail so your asses are no better you think you are but your notwe should consider anybody coming here illegly an invasion of this country a you should be shot on the spot

  4. We hate each and every one of you ignorant filthy fucking piece of shit Mexicans. And your subhuman DNA pool. I hope they have an open season on your dumb motherfuckers soon.

  5. My grandmother warned me when I was four mexicans would be the biggest problem in my life. That was 70 years ago. This was a woman ahead of her time. She realized then beaners (then called cholos) were a drain on the American economy. She should have been President. She was filled with common sense, a quality totally lacking in the Democratic party which foisted beaners on American society. Screw them

  6. Then there the enablers who luuuuuv to hire them. Take a walk through any Loew’s, Home Depot, Von’s Ralph’s, new car dealer, the list is endless. Primary requirement for employment is you must speak fluent shit spanish. If you are an american you are out. Oh., but the owners of these American businesses won’t socialize with beaners when they host parties at their estates. Oh no. No mexicans allowed there. Only the white Americans they fucked over by refusing to give them a job. I say kick out all american businesses from this country who love mexico so much. Make it a felony to transact business with any anti american company who hates America so mnuch they refuse to employ them. Fuck them along with the beaners

  7. i’m white american and i don’t hate anyone but when illegals from latin america start infesting usa this is where i draw the line and sadly roughly 3/4 are from mexico and rest from other parts of world. these filthy stinking smelly stupid ignorant asshole idiot uneducated birdbrains are now infesting usa thanks to odumbshit and certain state governers who are all stupid asshole liberals who can only win an election with illegals voting, after odumbshit is gone america will be restored, as well as get rid of jerry brown, he sucks.

  8. The biggest reason I hate Mexicans is that they’ve made me hate myself for hating Mexicans, oh the irony. I don’t want to hate anyone, but when you see a group of people destroy your homeland RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES (not supposedly “stealing” it 180 years ago)and smile about it, there’s only one logical response…

  9. Thank you!!!!! You said it with 100 per cent accuracy. The most sub human rude ass low life heartless chunks of shit on the planet. Not to mention the fact that they are the real terrorists.And every single one of them are that way. You should not even be allowed a cage when you behave like that . They should all face mandatory execution for being so ignorant and criminal. And for demanding the right to be criminal. And americans who do business with them should also be executed because they are donestic terrorists.

  10. Just stfu Mexico is nice and don’t worry about our lives Mexicans are awesome I’m not racist but I do hate racism take that shit somewhere else and don’t worry about others peoples lives Mexicans are awesome and are already in America deal with it ✌️

    • If Mexico is nice than why are Mexicans pouring across the US-Mexico border by the millions?? I am not a racist, but I do attempt to use common sense. For instance, I was born, grew up, and live in North Carolina. I don’t want to move anywhere else, because I am very happy and proud of my home.

      If Mexicans were proud of their country, it would not be such a dirty, diseased, and corrupted crap hole. Nearly every city is run by gangs and drug cartels. Instead of trying to fix their problems, they ILLEGALLY run across our border, ruining our country and bankrupting us in the process.

      Again, I am not a racist. But why is it that whites are the only race on the planet that cannot be left alone? I don’t need or want anything that hispanic “culture” has to offer… Unfortunately, it seems that third world savages are more than happy to take what we have worked for.

      • Shut the crap up not all of Mexico is like that just so you know Mexico was actually a pretty decent place until Americans came and took all the gold they could not be racist but seriously if anyone has a reason to hate whites it’s black I mean they were ABUSED

        • Mexicans are filth. Pagan Catholics, voodoo, rapists, murderers and drug dealers. The only gold was stolen by the Spanish you whore of satan. No one abuses Mexicans.They kill their women adn their politician who try to end their criminal drug cartels.Th

          They’re diseased ridden sickos who are illegals.

          • You disgust me, never mind the fact that u wrote this on September 11th the day where many many were killed you had the audacity to comment something like this, now please tell me why you felt the need to waste your time on a post so irrelevant like this one on a day like that

  11. My ex is mexican he was born here but his moms illegal and he never knew his dad (fyi his moms a hoe she had kids with 3 different guys and the first 2 left her and she finally married the last one and hes a drug selling abusive asshole)
    So anyway on to my ex, he abused me from the first week i met him, finally he gave me a black eye and bloody nose, i called the cops on him and he went to jail
    I decided to leave him and go back to live with my parents and he still calls me and texts begging me to be with him

    I agree with this post because i lived with his parents and they lived in a mobile home trash, disgusting house with mold and filth and the whore mother never cleaned all she would do was cook nasty food, also she would buy food from walmartnand no one would eat it so it would get mold on it. Honestly i wouldnt be racist if i hadnt experienced the abuse, filth, nastyness ect

    • Hahaha! You’re the dumbass who stayed with this man after the first week. And if you’re so good why did you live in their home?! How stupid must you be to willingly live in the home of an abusive drug dealer?! Obviously you’re an ignorant dumbass who deserved everything you received.

  12. Anyone that would dedicate an entire blog to Mexicans must truly have hidden love for them in their heart. If I hated someone, I would not dedicate an entire page to someone I hated. That takes too much time and effort. More importantly, look at the coward shit that goes behind placing a rant in cyberspace. This person would not have the balls to say this to a Mexican. Additionally, I would love to see the writer use racial slurs to a Black man’s face. Let me know in advance, so I can watch you get your ass stomped. This writer should get a life, because they are immigrants too. This land belonged to the Native Americans before Whites stole it. Also, the only “nigger” on this page is the writer (as well as supporters); only an ignorant person (proper definition) would post such untruths and stereotypes.

    • Native Americans migrated from somewhere to the Americas. They were also nomadic Hunter and gatherers with no understanding of borders or countries. What land they called their own was whatever area they might be hunting in during their seasonal migrations. These migrations were typically short in distance travelled. Hunter and gatherers, unfortunately, don’t posses the relative intelligence required to succeed in a society that was being dominated by herders and agriculturist who then evolved into the industrialists. What progressives, such as yourself,don’t get….Indians, like blacks and Mexicans could never compete in a western society due to lack of relative intelligence. Not racism.

  13. Well that’s a tough one, I’ll say this the average taco head beaner/spics are dirty, illegal ,disease infested, criminal Rapists.
    Where as the jungle bunny big lipped spear chucking average Nigger is lazy. Uneducated, hate mongering, genocidal, dope fiends.
    Pick your poison.

  14. Filthy spics are a boil on the ass of society. I had the displeasure of living in a two flat with some of the dumbest fucking spics ever. Always causing trouble and trying to place the blame on someone else. When confronted about their bullshit all they had to say was “I do what I want” Ignorance at it;s finest. They were SO goddamn proud to be Mexican, even had a fucking bongo drum on the back porch that they loved to beat on at 2am that said ” I love mexico” on it. Biggest bunch of stupid fucks I’ve ever laid eyes on. I moved the fuck out asap seeing as how the polish brain dead slumlord loved to coddle these fucks. Hopefully one day a bunch of Niggers will move in and put a bullet in one of those fucks head when they decide to keep one of them up until 2am beating on their bongo drum like the fucking animal they are. Nicole Alvarao Serrano, Her dad “poncho” who likes to pull his dick out to anyone and everyone and the husband who likes to beat the shit out of his wife, Francisco Serrano and tell her “that’s what you get” Go back to mexico, nasty pieces of shit. 5026 W Agatite Chicago, Illinois.. Stay far away!

    • Fucking cracker white piece of trash. Try to say that to a Mexicans druglords face. You won’t cause you’re so pussy to just rant about it in the internet like a coward. You’d get your balls cut off and all your limbs cut off if you ever said to one of them in your face.

      • I love crackers actually, I dont know why you think cracker is a racist term u fucking retard go back to mexico in you tiny paper shack, all those fucking ugly ass druglords coming over here trying to sell theyre cardboard dildoes, ill say it to anyone face any day. Green card wielding taco eating burrito worshiping brown ass motherfucker.

  15. Well I have now officially entered the world of the ignorant racist Trump party. Listen here you fucking racist cracker piece of shit, who isn’t man enough to say this to a Mexican’s face, suck my cock and choke on it bitch!!! My mom came to this country illegally, just like you ancestors, but instead of raping and committing genocide on a whole fucking race, she actually went to school learned english and became a dental hygienist. I myself did go to prison because of the area I lived in and the things I had to do to survive. However im doing well now Honkey and im going to finish my prerequisites for the nursing program this fall. Suck my dick though.

    • hilarious. We all know the only nursing degree a Mexican can get is one for employment in a senior home.. I think they call them nurses aides. There duties include changing bed pans and wiping ass. Did you know your last name is connected to the ass region?

  16. I have had the displeasure of dealing with a lot of Mexicans. I was a Cable T.V installer in FL. I would show up to these people’s houses, and it’s just like they say above. They pack themselves like sardines into a single wide trailer, living in shit-infested-nasty conditions. Everything is filthy and dirty. They are lazy, filthy, bear drinking, drug dealing pieces of shit. I almost had to beat the living shit out of a few of them on separate occasions because they got in to disputes with me.

    Mexican men usually rape, and beat their women because they know the women are too scared to report them. They are afraid they themselves will be deported.

    Mexican men get DUIs, drive on suspended licenses, commit hit and runs, run red lights and cause accidents, shoplift, and commit a whole host of other crimes.

    I have maybe met 10 honest Mexicans out of the thousands I have ran into during the 20 years I was an installer.

  17. Wow! Were you raped by a Mexican or something? I’m amazed at the sheer amount of your stupidity lol, I’m serious, I’m Mexican and I’m not even a bit offended, really I’m laughing at you. Lol, lol, lol x 10,000. Ok here you go burrito sucker.

    First of all, almost half of the United States was Mexican territory. It has been Mexican territory twice the time it has been “American”.

    It is well known that by the year 2060 approximately 30% of the population of the United States will be Latin American or Hispanic or whatever you call them. Which means that about 80% or more of the population of the continental mass will be Latin and there’s is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Maybe learning Spanish. (At these point if you don’t like it you should consider moving to a small European country).
    And guess what else; 30% of Latin population will make Latinos very profitable business so with that will come Latino oriented TV, Latino culture! Latino news, etc. etc.

    But don’t be too scared. Your children won’t even notice the change.
    By the way, I’m Mexican, I’m probably whiter than most “White Americans” and I’m 6’2″ and obviously much better educated than you and most of the younger North Mexicans are.

    Its simply evolution, most of the continental mass is Latin and to make it even worse for racist xenophobic people, there is something in the Amerindian genes that tends to take over so interbreeding will likely result in genes not only showing, but becoming dominant, thus taking over the next generations.
    And if you think about that, from the 7 billion people in the planet ABOUT 1.3 billion are Chinese (that is only in China, not considering Chinese emigrants in other countries and other countries with tipacal Asiatic genotype) and 1.3 billion are Hindu.

    So in the end there is a very high possibility that your great, great grand children and mine will look like a tanned to dark skin asiatic man/woman.

    CHEERS Neigbours!

    SHIT, now that I think about it, you are not even going to understand anything. it’s a good thing I’m just copying and pasting my post.

    • They won’t with trump ya retard! We should mow ’em down, but we’re too “ethical” for that. You’ll all be deported, all you rapists and criminals will be gone.

  18. All those filthy spicks, niggers, gooks and packies should be sent back to where they came from. America is for Americans

  19. you people are sick, at least mexicans don’t shoot up schools a fuck their cousins you fucking cracker shits. hispanics actually care about their families, unlike white people who have been know to threaten their own mothers, go to hell.

  20. Well, I am mexican, and I for one know that you wouldn’t dare say it to my face because white Americans have been taught to be pansy idiots by their Jewish master’s. Not all of are like this and the only reason why they are is because of Jewish propaganda that spews lies about whites (remember mexicans are only brainwashed by media to fight white people so, the Jews sit back and relax) like, slavery, Mexican and Americans wars where Mexico lost the war (that every damn Mexican needs to get fucking over already because that shit gets old.) and much more. I am very aware about the white genocide happening today and I am a Mexican that very against it and stand strong with white people because the white race has the right over their country, and to exist. Hate to say but ironic…If our food sucked so much your people wouldn’t be flocking to Mexican restaurants or to Cancun Mexico for vacation only to come back and spout Mexicans slurs in that case stay out of ours too and we will avoid future problems but, I agree many coming to your country are criminals and should be shot dead when the SOB touches a child. Again, not all Mexicans are like this….I for one know that without many white inventions we wouldn’t be here today.

  21. Well, although I totally understand this guys frustration, and Mexicacas GOT TO GO!.. I think he does not have a true grip on the sources of the Problem, and its not just Mezycants, its Negroids and Filipinos, and Chinese too!… Maybe this post was made by a Negroid, because there is NO DIFFERENCE, in the Evil that a Mexicaca and a Negroid pose!.. they are a Mongoloid (Mexicans, native Americans, Asians, Filipinos, and Chinks are Mongoloids!) and Negroid, Beast, Goblin, Ape, Hominid legion led by Jews!.. let’s not try to focus only on the Mexican Chimps, for while we concentrate our Attention on the Mexicacas, the Filipinos and Negroids, an equally vile, desastrous and grotesque enemy pours in from the Atlantic and Pacific Seas of our North American Shores!!!… Make the Wall, not only facing Mexico, but also facing Asia and Africa!!!

  22. Thank you very much but if you didn’t know not all of us are filthy and btw some Americans are filthy I mean they smoke all day and burp or fart in your face and laugh like it’s some joke it’s disgusting and FILTHY so yes without Mexican restaurants everyone would be on steroids thank you so think before you write or speak if you can

  23. Im hispanic, but im white washed. i personally think black people are filthy and loud. all the teenage niggers at my high school are retarded dead beat porch monkeys. they feel the need to be heard an use violence and expect an answering like a temper tantrum almost. shooting innocent kids and families, yet they might not be illegal immigrants but they can make the freshest air turn to pure shit.

    • I’m also white washed too and I’ve seen both kinds of blacks. Those who want an education and a future and those who just attend school to waste their life away.

  24. The funniest part about it is; it’s not “their” culture at all. That’s German brass-band polka with Spanish lyrics, last time I checked Los Angeles was no where near Germany or Spain. Their clothing is stolen from the 1800 english cowboy style and their religion is from Rome Italy.

    They haven’t got any culture of their own left, to see that you have got to rent the movie Apocalypto.

    • Actually they do. They still have their old culture that was left behind when the Mayans and other tribes lived there. Please look up credible sources and not this corner of the 1900’s.

    • U taco burrito eating mother fucker, ur culture is just siting in your paper shack village with all your poor padros circle jerking while eating some fucking tacos, Id rather have no culture than have that shit at least our culture means something

  25. Here’s the thing, your basing the whole race off of certain individuals. Your basically stereotyping it’s like if I were to say white people like to shoot up stores and schools, and kidnap children. When we clearly know very well not all do that; only certain individuals. So all these comments are all just stereotypes you typically can’t judge others as a whole race because of certain people from that race. If you believe that then go ahead, your comments will not make a change nobody is going to leave just because you post “go home”. As correct as you all think you sound you actually sound pathetic, and delusional. I am now going to proceed to tell you all to have a nice day and enjoy life while you have it because it doesn’t matter what race you are we all die at some point so instead of making these irrelevant comments ,go have some family time because I guarantee your comments will not make a change.

    • “Racist” so, it’s racist to want to help your own?? Whites have the right to help their own first I mean, are you going to help strangers before your family because you don’t want to be called “racist”

    • First amendment, free speech. Another advantage of being a “gringo”, or at least someone who lives here legally and doesn’t jump the border like some fucking asshole who’s too ignorant to see the consequences of his own actions, including crashing a fucking economy.

  26. Both blacks and mexicans (every south american vermins for that matter) need to go back to where they belong. Imagine america without these low i.q, lazy, Stupid, smelly, filthy animals … heaven on earth!

    • You’re a nigger Lmfao you have no room to talk bantu dindu, go suck some cow ass y’all still do out in Africa in the year 2016. Your race IQ is 50 if you’re lucky maybe 60 still, complete mental retardation haha. Combining whites crimes and Latin crimes still doesn’t amount to the crime rate niggers have. Niggers are by far the worst. You go around stealing others heritage and culture and claim to have invented things, but really y’all have no ethics and can’t accept the fact that y’all are the most useless race to have existed as well as the most violent.there’s Niggers right now in Mexico in hopes of getting free shit haha but too bad the native Mexicans don’t get shit because of the government corruption, good thing is, is some of your filthy parasitic race is going back on their own. Y’all can’t survive without whites. All y’all are is a biological jewish weapon who are destroying the white race through miscegnation and not just whites, but Hispanics and Asians too. Fuck your affirmative action silver back moron..if y’all disappeared tomorrow no one would miss any of you and maybe the whites in Africa would be recogonized and given the help they need instead of you ungrateful vile people who are the biggest racist who love to play victim just like your Zionist master’s.

  27. Couldn’t agree more with the original post. These dirty, filthy vermin come here without any shame, take advantage of the system and completely leech off of us real Americans. The bastards come here giving birth to their filthy anchor baby parasites & thanks to that pathetic chimpanzee in the White House along with his little brainless liberal minions, more infest the country on a daily basis. The fact is, is that these disgusting vermin need to be sent back to their gutters in Mexico and the other Mexican countries. Whatever country they’re from it’s just a different breed/species of these rats, they’re all putrid, revolting animals. Looking at them just makes me sick along with the dirty primates we have living in the states. Them and the coins are a complete disgrace and shouldn’t even be allowed to reproduce or have any rights here. They’re both utterly pathetic sub human scum that’ll never come close to achieving the greatness of the white race. Not only are they disgusting but they’re mentally inferior and at the bottom of the totem pole as far as I’m concerned. It’s time we get rid of paco and his filthy spic breed and kick them out along with bubbah and those revolting nigger dogs.

    • I find hilarious how you whites are still the highest of IQ’s and still lack the intelligence to realize that it’s the niggers who are being used as biological weapons to exterminate your race. Look at the media everywhere glorifying niggers and getting your women to mix with niggers. Mexico as well is being filled with niggers. Combining white and Mexican crime rates still doesn’t amount to the crime niggers have. Yes, we have some had apples, but what I don’t understand is how are whites average IQ 100 and higher and still are easily brainwashed with jewish propaganda to mix with bottom feeders like the niggers, who’s IQ is 50-60 and bitch and complain over petty shit like not enough niggers on tv/show/ movie and using their affimitive action race card. This is why you have Niggers and muzzies coming to the west.

  28. Every spic Ive seen hadn’t a single good piece of it. Everytime I saw a spic, it was either stupid, dirty, rude, ugly, or thuggish, and sometimes it was all of it. I see these pieces of shit at Catholic schools (Even though they don’t act Catholic) and at Korean markets. These clean Korean markets I see gradually get more and more fucked up everyday and it fucking pisses me off. No race can get more monkey than these spics. I’m not just talking about Mexicans either Im talking about Latin Americans all in all.

  29. Just look at all the white filthy Whores going for black men nowadays which is very hard to explain that one. Since God created this shit in the first place which this world is certainly contaminated enough which he really needs to stop this before it gets much worse.

  30. That was the funniest thing I have read in quite awhile ,well worded and definitely true , I can’t thank you enough for it was therapy and food for the sole .god bless and please keep posting such exspessions because the fucking liberals won’t get it the first time aruond

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