Where Is The Outrage?

Where Is The Outrage? : Novakeo.com
As a teacher, I sat dumbfounded when the Rocky Mountain News inked a story, “What Happened?” to a stunned Denver, Colorado audience. In a five year study starting in 1999 in Denver Public Schools, 5,663 students started the eighth grade. Five years later, only 1,884 graduated from high school. That’s a 67 percent drop out/flunk out rate!

What caused it? First of all, 30,000 illegal aliens, speaking 40 different languages, attended Denver schools. Our classrooms suffered thousands of kids functionally illiterate in English with parents functionally illiterate in English and Spanish. The classrooms featured so much incompatible diversity that it created horrific tension, stabbings and death. Thus, American kids suffered a profoundly dumbed-down educational process. One in five teachers quit or transferred out of those Denver classrooms every nine month cycle during those five years.

The Denver Post announced that 30 percent of teachers in Denver schools chose early retirement rather than face another year of teaching. This is a nationwide travesty. Why? As a teacher, I taught in the inner city in the 1970s. It’s exasperating beyond understanding to walk into a classroom where children suffer learning disabilities, broken homes, teen pregnancies at 13,14, 15, multiple languages and violent confrontations with other ethnic groups. It’s impossible to teach. I left my idealism in the ghetto and escaped to a suburban school. But, today, teachers can’t escape because over 2.5 million illegal alien students with dozens of languages attend our kids’ schools nationwide. We witness a national breakdown in education. For example, California schools match the violence of a war zone.

Can you imagine such a failure rate across the country? Can you imagine the consequences of an illiterate generation leading this republic into the 21st century? Folks, this country won’t make it. Where is the outrage?

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