Which Church Is The Top Treason Lobbyist?

Easter Question: Which Church Is The Top Treason Lobbyist?
The Roman Catholic Church

For pro-alien lobbying, the Catholic church (in which I was raised) is by far the most the most visible and notorious of the three. And well it should be, with a flock of 68 million members. That total represents nearly 25 percent of the world’s population.

From the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, Catholic immigration pandering has been non-stop for years. Even the relatively recent pedophilia scandals have barely slowed down Catholic immigration enthusiasm.

Over the last five years, Catholic Cardinals—most prominently Roger Cardinal Mahony, the Archbishop of Los Angeles—have urged support for amnesty and have argued passionately against immigration enforcement legislation.

Going one-step further to prove that no statement or action endorsing immigration is too outrageous, Mahony advocates violating federal law when and if enforcement measures are ever passed.

VDARE.COM writers have criticized Mahony with increasing disgust as his advocacy for illegal immigrants has intensified and his involvement in the pedophilia cover-ups have become more obvious.

But Mahony is far from the only Catholic Cardinal voice for aliens.

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